Good wine is the marriage of knowledge and tradition.

Our winemaking takes us from the vineyards to the bottles.

We lovingly curate the winemaking at the Cantina Sesterzio, scrupulously tending to the vines and carrying out each step of the process. Our vineyards cover an area of four hectares and we use modern, agronomical technology. Our four-storey Cantina, which spans 2,000 square metres, has been built recently.

On the top floor lies the Passitaia, where the special hand-picked grapes destined for our first-rate Sforzato wine undergo their natural drying process. With large vents in the walls, this space benefits from naturally circulating air and a westerly wind that blows through the valley.

The Tinaia is where the most important parts of the winemaking process take place: the grape pressing, the fermentation, the decanting, the aging in the oak casks and the bottling.

Partially underground, the Bottiglieria enjoys a constant year-round temperature and serves as the storage zone for the bottled wine.

The Cantina is the wine cellar that's located 16 metres under the earth's surface. Here the natural temperature and humidity are sufficient, so we are not reliant on any technical appliances. In the cantina, the wine ages in wooden barrels while the sparkling wine ages on the lees.

For those who are keen to discover more about how our wines are made, we're more than happy to organise guided tours of the wine cellar as well as wine tastings.

The connoisseur does not drink wine, but tastes its secrets - Salvador Dalí -

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