When we created Cantina Sesterzio, we wanted to revive and reinvigorate the terraced vineyards that stretch from Pedemonte up to Monastero. Sesterzio, our wine cellar, is nestled at the foot of the slopes of Maroggia, an area that's typically bathed in sun for most of the year.
We've now opened an intimate farmhouse-style hotel in order to offer accommodation to the visitors to our wine cellar.

The vineyards of Sesterzio

Eponymously named, the wines that we produce bear the name Sesterzio, embodying a wine that truly reflects our roots. They tell the tale of the dedication and drive that our ancestors put into the art of tending to the vineyards and producing wine – a passion that we share. The wine ages in an 'involt', a term used in the local dialect to denote the arched cellars. Our guests can taste a wine that has been lovingly produced, one that marries new aromas and ancient hues, invigorating your palate and allowing you to savour the age-old ties between us and the land. Our family have been producing wine for as long as one can remember. A family-made, rural wine, it channels simplicity and honesty yet it is lent a certain elegance from the prestigious Nebbiolo grapes within it. These originate from an area that's known as 'Chiavennasca'. We respect certain values in the way that we work, ensuring that everything we do is environmentally friendly, kind to the land and nurtures a harmonious bond between tradition and technology. By striving to return the landscape to its ancient ways, our aims are two-fold: firstly, to revitalise the terrain, returning it to productivity; and secondly, to develop the quality of our production and technology used. We rely on a combination of artisanal methods of production with the support of modern technology to produce honest red and white wines, which are lovingly curated with unerring dedication from the vine to the bottle. Our wines are built on the love and passion that we invest in the process, the honesty with which we work, and our unflinching pursuit of quality.

At the intersection of modernity and tradition, Cantina Sesterzio unites these two elements to create a truly distinguished product.

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